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Audio for the January Consultation, 2007

This page contains audio of the various sessions of the 2007 Consultation for Emerging Leaders. Occasionally a gap in the audio occurs where the recording media required replacing. Streaming and downloadable MP3s are available.

Some audio still awaits speaker permission for posting. Please check back frequently for updates.

Session I: Robert Bakke"The Global Prayer Movement Today"No Audio Avail.
Session II:ParticipantsGetting AcquaintedDownload, Stream
Session III: Robert Bakke"Challenges and Opportunities for Unified Prayer"No Audio Avail.
Session IV: Phill Butler"Principles and Practices of Kingdom Collaboration"No Audio Avail.
Session V:ParticipantsGuided Discussion in Small GroupsNo Audio Avail.
Session VI: Phill ButlerOpen Forum on Kingdom CollaborationNo Audio Avail.
Session VII: Oluwosayo Ajiboye"Collaborative Across Cultures: Building Bridges and Maintaining Structures"Download, Stream
Session VIII:ParticipantsGetting AcquaintedAudio Coming Soon
Session IX: Panel Discussion, with Olowosayo Ajiboye, Father Serop Azarian, Dr. Timothy Chen, Gustavo Vega Garcia, Dr. William Hanna, and Dr. Hanjoo Park"Trans-National Approaches to Christian Ministry"Download, Stream
Session X: Jonathan Barlow"Connecting Christian Leaders Through the Internet"Download, Stream
Session XI: Richard Twiss"Missio Dei as a Mutuality Model in a Non-Western Cultural Framework"No Audio Avail.
Session XII:ParticipantsGetting AcquaintedAudio Coming Soon
Session XIII: Open Session for St. Louis Area Clergy and Lay Christian Leaders, Prayer Led by Rev. Jerome and Doris BracelyNo Audio Avail.
Session XIV: Gaston Espinosa"Trends in World Christianity"Download, Stream
Session XV: Gaston Espinosa"Latino and Latin American Expressions of Christianity"Download, Stream
Session XVI: Father Wayne Helmmann"Mercy and Justice Ministry in Franciscan Perspective"Download, Stream
Session XVII: Panel Discussion featuring selected participantsCross-Cultural Approaches to EvangelismAudio Coming Soon
Session XVIII:ParticipantsGetting AcquaintedAudio Coming Soon
Session XIX: Father Oliver Herbel and Deborah Korluka"The Role of the Icon in Orthodox Theology and Practice"Download, Stream

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