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George Aramath Indian, Student at St. Vladimir's Seminary, Malankara Syrian Orthodox; current student at St. Vladimir's Theological Seminary in New York State.

Atiyaye D. Bazam Nigerian, Engineer.

Benjamin Bach Danish, Lutheran, Danish European Mission; works with persecuted and suffering Christians; has lived in Tanzania.

Romel Regalado Bagares Filipino, Christian and Missionary Alliance. Legal scholar, residing in Amsterdam, studying in Free University of Amsterdam.

Joseph Paul Basso US Citizen, resides in New Mexico; Affiliated with a Chinese Christian Church. Chaplain Assistant in US Army.

Bulcsu Bencze Romanian, Hungarian Reformed Church in Romania. Residing in Minnesota, studying at United Seminary of the Twin Cities.

Andrew-John Bethke South African, Anglican; current student at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Milena Nikolaeva Boyadjieva Bulgarian, Assemblies of God; works in foreign missions and with orphans.

Alaine Thomson Buchanan US Citizen, resides in Springfield, MO. Adjunct Professor of Bible at Evangel University.

Javier Amilcar Cabrera Flores Guatemalan, Nondenominatonal. Founder and President of Mision Nueva Esperanza.

Gilberto Cavazos-Gonzalez US Citizen, Mexican-American Catholic, and Franciscan Friar. Doctorate in Theology, parish minister, leader of Charismatic Prayer in Rome, and director of Hispanic Ministry at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.

Kerri Cornelissen US Citizen, in New Hampshire, Roman Catholic. Student at Providence College, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Catalin Dorin Croitor Romanian, Baptist. Youth pastor, Campus Crusade, radio ministry and broadcast work

Aaron Richard Crowell US Citizen, in Minnesota, Lutheran (ELCA). Gustavus Adolphus College grad; M.Div. student at Lutheran Seminary; Lutheran Service Corps; fellow in The Fund for Theological Education.

Seenivasagam David Malaysian, Methodist. Twelve years of pastoral experience.

Olga Dega Serbian, Baptist; National Leader of Scripture Union in Serbia.

Made ("Maa-day") Icwara Dharmajanti Indonesian-Balinese, Indonesia Bethel Church. Manager in Derek Prince Ministry; Aceh Relief (after tsunami). She is a convert from family that is partially Hindu and partially Muslim.

Deborah Dowlath Trinidad and Tobago, Evangelical. Short-term missionary; involved in InterVarsity; attending the Urbana Convention.

R. Keelan Downton Irish and US Citizen, in Washington, D.C., Assemblies of God. Ph.D. Queens University - Belfast; Postdoctoral Fellow with Faith and Order, NCC; international experience in China, Israel, Africa; two books written and one edited.

Megan Elizabeth Eide US Citizen in South Dakota, Lutheran (ELCA). Leader of the Eutychus Project (on intergenerational relations); fellow in The Fund for Theological Education.

Carla Faria Brazilian living in Canada, Alliance Church; pursuing Master's Degree at Regent College; involved in Intervarsity at U. of British Columbia; hospitality services in Brazil.

Phil Galang Filipino-American. Member of St. Louis Family Church, Chesterfield, Missouri; accountant.

William Hanna Egyptian-American, Coptic, Ph.D. engineer at Boeing Corporation, and lay scholar on the Coptic Church; member of St. Mary and St. Abraam Coptic Church in Creve Coeur, Missouri.

Oliver Herbel US Citizen in St. Louis, Orthodox. Local Orthodox priest pursuing a Ph.D. in Theology at SLU. Serves in the Orthodox Church in America.

Kethoser Kevichusa Indian, Baptist (from Nagaland in India). Currently residing in Oxford, UK pursuing a Master's Degree in Theology.

Chin Do Kham Burmese-American, Assemblies of God; Ph.D., has lived in the Philippines; teaches at Oral Roberts University, and directs one of their master's degree programs.

Manuel Rafael Laquico Mozambican, Baptist; Associate Pastor; just finished a B.Th.; associated already with Children's Relief International.

Vijay Chonhas Minz. Indian, Presbyterian; Associate Pastor and Bible College teacher; does evangelism and social welfare work in the state of Bihar in India.

Hermez Moshi Iraqi, Baptist; pastor of Arabic Baptist Church of St. Louis; has his M.Div. from a school in Jordan.

Fabio Barreto Motta Brazilian, Presbyterian. Pastor of church in Para State (Amazon); former missionary to the Azores and to Portugal; working on Th.M. at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada.

Nelson Musipa Zambian, Pentecostal / Works with The Navigators. Convert from African animistic background; National Director for the Navigators in Zambia; has degree from University of Zambia.

Steven Ney Canadian, Evangelical Free Church. Former theology teacher in the Philippines; part-time Hebrew teacher at Regent.

Apostle Akpo Olokor Nigerian, Great Faith Church - Pentecostal. Currently studying in the USA in Rochester, NY

Francis Osteen Ghanian, Nondenominational. Resident pastor; university degree in marketing.

Arjun Raj Pandey Nepali, Bethani Anugraha Church Very active in ministry in Nepal; with multiple master's degrees.

Ragland Remo Paul Indian, Methodist. Honors graduate of Loyola College in Chennai; missionary in Orissa with the Reaching Hand Society.

Cristian Gabriel Romocea Romanian, Evangelical. Prayer group leader and visiting preacher; currently completing Ph.D. in Oxford.

Cynthia Ruiz-Riquer US, Mexico, Episcopalian; director of Hispanic Ministry at St. Luke's Parish. B.A. from University of Rhode Island; master's degree in Mexico; current student at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Jo Ryan New Zealander, Presbyterian. National youth ministry intern; undergraduate student in theology and political science at University of Otago; has worked with World Vision.

Justin Derrick Smith USA, in South Carolina, Baptist; Youth Intern; has degrees from U. of South Carolina; currently at Gordon-Conwell Seminary.

Evghenii Sologubenco Moldovan, Bible Church. President and Academic Dean at Seminary; Russian and Jewish by birth.

Dil Bahadur Tamang Nepali, National Churches Fellowship (Evangelical). Bachelor's degree, and B.Th. from Serampore University in India. Visiting Lecturer at Bible College. Convert from Buddhism; works with ten colleagues in ministry; has written several books.

Ukaegbu Mary Lucella Louisa (Rev. Sister) Nigerian, Roman Catholic sister. B.A. and M.A. Teacher and secretary of Pontifical Mission Societies.

Mingjie Yu Chinese, in Singapore, Presbyterian. Bachelor's degree from Beijing U., Ph.D. from National University in Singapore. Assistant Dean at Nankai University, currently stationed in Singapore.

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